Owensville Ride - Sunday Feb 21st

Owensville Ride

Long Ride 55 miles - Short Ride 29 miles

Ride starts 10am
1212 West Hwy 28 Owensville MO 65066.

I will also hand out maps and que sheets the day of the ride.
My personal number is 573-690-1830.

My gym "The Therapysource" is helping out alot and is providing the bbq pit and a Sag Crew. I will also print out maps and queue sheets and hand them out the morning of the ride. Now after all this I hope the weather works out



teddibear65 said...

Ok… I drove the short course today and I’m not going to lie – it’s muddy and there is like a 110% chance of rain tomorrow. Now, the weather man has been wrong so far and it hasn’t rained here yet. Now I know I just jinxed all of us by saying that but I’m going to hope it stays this way and we are going to have the ride tomorrow. If it’s too bad we can just do the short course, if it is just somewhat bad you can just do the short course. If it is perfect you can just do the short course. Either way you can do the short course as an option. So just pray it holds out. I know a lot of you are coming from far away so I will put a post up around 5:00a.m. to let you know how the weather is here.

teddibear65 said...

So far this ride is a go. Rain if any is minimal but I know its coming so just prepare for it...


teddibear65 said...

Ok... Went out to mark the coarse and the rain hit. Sorry guys but the ride is canceled. There were some low water crossings yesterday that were bad enough and if it rains like it is now for any time I'm worried we may not get across. Sorry I was looking forward to this and I hate that we have to cancel this.