Feb 8 Ride Details

Only two more Gravel Grinder this year and the fun will come to and end.

Sunday will be a 60 mile loop with a gas station to fill up on water and other items at the 35 mile mark. Here is a map of the ride (60 miles)

UPDATE: Short cut version added (46 miles) for those who want to ride but not up for 60 miles.
Go Here for Map
At the 27 mile mark those that want the full 60 miles will go on, those that need a short cut will branch off at Mill Pond Rd to HH, to K to Leach Branch Rd. Leach Branch is where both routes come back together. I would image both groups will meet again along this area before we get back to town.

I will have printed maps for both group and a little more info on the 46 mile route so no one gets lost.

Ride starts at 10am - meet at time for pie rain or shine


Anonymous said...

What time does the ride start? Can my friends and I come out again? I promise I'll bring food, and not slow us down. Meet at Time for Pie again? - Jason

Jeff Yielding said...

Come on out Jason and bring all the friends you like - ride starts at 10 from Time 4 Pie -

Jeff Yielding said...

Did you guys eat at wings?

Sandbox/Gino said...

Jeff, Eddie (Nico) and I would like to do this ride, but he's got to be at work in STL at 4. Think there's any chance we (Nico and I) could do the route and make it back in time? I really want to learn more gravel road routes.

Jeff Yielding said...

Eddie, if you guys do the short cut 46 mile route it would take you 3 hours 45 min of ride time at the 12.5 MPH pace all the rides have hit. Give another 30 min of waiting time and that would get you back to Hermann by 2:15. It would be close for sure.